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Experion The Westerlies Plots

The Westerlies Plots has managed to create an ecosystem within itself to allow the growth of a peaceful and safe neighborhood that also satisfies the “want” part that resides in each one of us. With proper planning and execution and not ignoring even the minute details and demands of homebuyers, The Westerlies Plots have built up a project that is an ultimate treat to the eyes and soul.

You can breathe fresh in the long green stretch that extends right from the start of the 10.3 acre land up to the very end. Live to the fullest with not even a speck of stress lingering around you in the vicinity of lavish and necessary amenities that are spread far and wide in the primary streets. The sole purpose of this project or creation of a township as such is to mark a new standard in the concept of “class” and maintain it with no compromise in the quality. Also, the area is adjacent to the Green Reserve Zone of Delhi that invites fresh, breathable and pollution free air.

What is offered?

The Westerlies Plots’ Experion offers a range of plots that vary as per square meter and quotations. To know more about the quotations allotted to each plot, contact The Westerlies Plots right away.

Where is the project located?

The area is situated on the outskirts of Delhi which makes Delhi 0 kilo meters away from the site. The road connecting the site to Delhi is a 75 meters wide road. The proximity of the site to Indira Gandhi International Airport is the least. The area is quickly accessible to the airport.

The best thing about the project is that it is accessible to schools, parks, gardens, hospitals, temples, restaurants and banks which make it more desirable to homebuyers. The Westerlies Plots is a world within itself.

What makes the project special?

The key feature in the project is the holistic design that extends up to 100 acres. A massive area of about 1.1 km is reserved for “The Breeze”. It is an undisturbed lush of green land that not only segregates the crowd and the chaos, but also incorporates a natural ambience. This built up natural aura fits in perfectly well for yoga and meditation. Yoga / meditation centers along with an amphitheaterare provided here.

When you come to stay in, you actually come to stay in. You do not have to worry about any other settings or construction work going on because the house provided to you, is provided only when it is ready. The vast area has been used to make up for a bicycle track and reflexology footpaths.

To make things easy and feasible up to a considerable extent for residents, the area has incorporated within itself a nursing home, a nursery and a primary school.

Homes here become worth the investment and the time. And why go anywhere else when you can have all the needed fun and serenity at your home?



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