Overview GPL Eden Heights

GPL Eden Heights

GPL Eden Heights is designed for residential use and built by qualified and first-class architects, as well as for its security and other services that are the most demanding today. This project is being handled by Gupta Promoters Private Limited, one of the most famous real estate construction companies. This project is located in the center of downtown Gurgaon and offers apartments for sale and for rent in the clients’ budget. This project built in accordance with Vastu and includes a perfect view of the vegetation of each floor or department. Her open view of the landscape enhances her beauty and magnetizes a lot of immense towards her.

Location of GPL Eden Heights

The Eden Heights GPL Residential Project is located in Area 70, at the southern corner of the Perimeter Road on Sohna Road, Gurgaon City. It is built on about 11 acres in front of thriving green gardens and the scents of its thriving gardens offer a peaceful atmosphere and lush lifestyle. The location of this project is very elegant and important as a hub place assures GPL Eden Heights with many amenities, such as hospitals, schools, daycares, shopping centers and near child’s play.

Specifications and facilities of Eden Heights GPL

The Eden GPL heights include several luxury facilities and their appropriate specifications to provide the best deal for those who want to invest their money in real estate with good and beneficial treatment. Some features of this residential project are:

  • Great club with all class facilities for your community
  • Apartments and apartments ready for Wi-Fi
  • Playgrounds
  • Supply of water and electricity 24 x 7
  • A strict security system that also includes new technologies
  • Bright and airy apartments that open on three sides
  • 2BHK,3BHK,4BHK plus study room and luxurious kitchen and bathroom
  • Good connectivity with the metro station

Scope and size of Eden Heights GPL

THE heights of GPL Eden are one of the most modern and stylish residential projects, designed to meet modern needs so that people can buy their apartments at reasonable prices. Therefore, book your apartments now to rent and reside with the best offer and get your home with all contemporary construction, luxurious and well furnished. GPL Infrastructure has launched a new project in Gurgaon. GPL Mint Towers is located in Area 70. These towers are home to a limited edition, affordable and well planned 2bedrooms + studio. Specially designed and adjusted taking into account the needs of young companies. Part of 11-acre borough with-world class facilities at Eden Heights, strategically located near Southern Periphery Road, Sector70, Sohna Road,Gurgaon.

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