Overview Heritage Max Sector102 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon

Heritage Max

Conscious is looking for a more “Heritage Max” housing project located at Dwarka Expressway Sector 102 Gurgaon. This luxurious residential project of tactical construction will offer biodegradable residences will surely be a treat for the owner.

Get your residence in the middle of gardens and trails, lined by 90% of the open area through only 4 towers high. Open your arms to a way of life that completely links the gap between healthy living better living standards. Know how first-class sports facilities in the comfort of your home.

The company is ready to acquire a peak located on the landing property. The Business House has a range of innovative intellect and professionals who strive to bring to life the works of art that are optimal in the souk and innovative. Thanks to innovative engineering, a massive structural design, and a surprising finish, every project of building total quality, customer satisfaction and the value of their hard earned currencies.

Conscious Heritage Max is one of the latest innovative projects for the home that is about to enter the sketch of residential apartments in the province of Dwarka Expressway, a very fashionable area. Distanced on a long land of environment 11 acres of green vegetables are stagnating, this housing project is evident instead of 3 and 4 BHK apartments in an area of 1850 square feet at 2775 square feet on the edge of Gurgaon’s historic direction.

This is a new, open residential project about to occur in the form of residential apartments. At the edge of the Gurgaon Attraction direction, Gurgaon Max Heritage is located at sector 102, which is far from the boring crowd of the metropolis that has the simplicity of access to the most important parts of the main city. To breathe with fresh and heavy air, these apartments are open on 3 sides. Being a wealth chest for all, these residences offer you a variety of lifestyles that are desirable for a comfortable life. A quantity of first-class services offered is fully equipped air-conditioned lobby, clubhouse and 3 levels with additional modern services, for example, 90% open area, floodlit football field, multigame indoor terrain, bike path, tennis courts, basketball courts, squash courts, a jogging track, clubhouse, gym, children’s play area, tennis meditation garden ground, amphitheatre, water fountain, the Grand Pavilion and more.

In addition, the reality of coupling contributes to a greater role in raising property rates for the population that needs a long-term speculation opportunity.

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