Overview Sobha City Sector-108, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

Sobha City A city within itself-

Off for some hunting of luxury apartments near Gurgaon? Your hunt shall cease at the Sobha City Gurgaon. Not discontinuing its trend and tradition of constructing high quality homes, Sobha Ctiy builds a new one, this time, in Delhi NCR. Sobha City is known to be one among the many single largest house building projects in Gurgaon that cover the area of about 39 acres. The vast area encompasses within itself amenities that satisfy various sectors and fulfill the desires and demands of all homebuyers. The land is a huge stretch of a green land that is simply mesmerizing. Inclusion of sports and extra - curricular and social activities is something that is given a justified and an immense importance.

The creation of Sobha City is an ultimate treat to the eyes. One word that can truly define the construction and amenities of this city is “Class”. It redefines the notion of a high class and standard living. The cherry on the cake is the entrance that can make you go crazy about this city and force you to imagine the impossible and set your standards accordingly. When it comes to setting your boundaries and expectations, Sobha City shall not disappoint you.

You are welcomed with a stunning water feature that spreadsacross 32 meters right at the entrance. The builders strongly believe in the saying “First impression is the last impression” and accordingly, their actions go. Furthermore, the land gets segregated into a spectacular cricket field, which is huge. Then comes the resort – like appearance of the area where the center lakelet is surrounded by adorable pool decks.

The boundary that separates the outside world from the inside tiny yet massive world is two straightly built towers. These towers provide an uninterrupted view of the long green stretches, the huge ground, pools and clubs and several other amenities. Sobha City is a revolution in the world of urban parks. The city comprises of a combination of nature and all the fun. The best thing is that both can be enjoyed and lived at the same place! Like a feather on the camp are facilities like designed and styled camping grounds, podium greens, paved pathways, a meter long area for walking and biking freely without any interruptions (but, safety first), landscaped greens that are absolutely mesmerizing and a number of lawns and parks.

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