Overview TATA La Vida Sector 113, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon


Live a carefree life at Tata La Vida

With trust and reliability, convenience, affordability and excellent wellness features on selected units, Tata La Vida provides you a home that is a rare combination of class and nature’s wonders. Houses are the rooms between four walls that we buy. And homes are something that we make out of them with love, care and affection. There is no denying in this that our home is a paradise to all of us. Small or big, doesn’t matter, once we start living there, the house becomes much more than just a four – walled dwelling. Tata La Vida redefines for you the concept of making a house into a home.

Location: The project is situated on the Bajghera Road that lies in the Sector 113, Bajghera, Gurgaon. It is situated in the lavish and posh heart of the city of Gurgaon that is just a few miles away from Delhi. Presence of several other projects in adjacent sectors has made the area go lively. But at the same time, unlike so many others, Tata La Vida keeps nature in constant contact and that is the best thing about it. After a stressful day at work, when you return home, you not just return home, you come back to nature.

Tata La Vida offers you the convenience and pleasure of enjoying an uninterrupted mesmerizing view of green lands right from the balcony of your lavish house. This means you stand right in the middle sophistication and nature and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Needless to say, there are other amenities that simply make life a little less difficult and more enjoyable. Tata La Vida works with their focus on one goal – giving customers or homebuilders a delightful experience in their living spaces. Three decades of Tata La Vida have witnessed a lot of change and evolution in their working methods and their strategies. But, one thing stays common and that is their willingness to do different and extra special each time for their customers to suit their choices and needs. Quality, value and trust are the driving forces of Tata Housing which is why, they have never let down their customers. Ethics are essential for success and honesty is the best policy in business transactions. This, for Tata Housing, ethics and honesty stay at the top of the priority list. Quality is something that has been never and shall never be compromised.

Amenities: Basic amenities that matter a lot like spacious parking facilities, gymnasium, club houses, playing areas, 24/7 power back up, 24/7 water supply, intercom and houses with well designed and styled and finished décor are provided without a speck of doubt. Other facilities that give a lavish experience are basketball and tennis lawn, swimming pools, skating rink, rain water harvesting, internal well developed and maintained roads, 24 hrs concierge and high tech alarm systems and fire management settings.

Security is important and is taken care of in a professional and expert manner. Security guards, optic fibre network, CCTV cameras, video calling at the door and many other technologiesmake living at Tata La Vida a delightful living experience.


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